Thank you so much for taking the time to explore my page! My name is Sarah and I'm a single mom of an amazing and exhausting 5 year old TEENAGER, named Madeline (affectionately called Mad), and to an equally exhausting and vivacious catahoula cure dog, Colt, whom we call Coltie or Coltihoula.


      My original passion in art started with painting when until about 8 years ago my best friend and muse introduced me to digital photography. My knowledge of composition and lighting from painting easily translated over to photographs. My love of lighting in old Renaissance paintings shows through in the quality of light I like to imitate in my favorite photos. Besides my personal work, I have photographed over 5,000 newborns in a hospital environment for Bella Baby Photography in a classical portrait and journalistic style.


       I believe that photography today is beneficial to all aspects of life. Not only from documenting growing families and special events but also to promoting your self in your business or artistic endeavors. Professional photography can give your business an edge over your competitors and also attract the clientele you're looking for. I love to hear my clients ideas and concerns so we can collaborate to create work that is specific to their needs and tastes.